Welcome to Glindmeyer.net.

Here you'll find the stuff we put online. Art, music, instruction, videos of our pets, and occasional strolls through the surreal.

Glindmeyer is our last name.

We do amazing things.

Some of us were born with the name, some have taken it.


Instructor | Percussionist | InfoSec
Starfighter Pilot


Painter | Fashionista | Illustrator


Singer | Guitarist | Songwriter

Where to find us around the net.

This is not an exhaustive list, but this is where you can find us on the Internet.

Online Coursework

If you are a student at ITI College, then you are probably looking for Thad Glindmeyer's Moodle site for your assignments and study guides.

Nippon Daisuki!

Thad & Xiomara's travel blog of their adventures in Japan.